Tuesday, January 27, 2009

What I'll Be Reading After I'm Done Reading What I'll Be Reading When I'm Done Reading What I'm Currently Reading!

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Anonymous said...

I am impressed that you are reading The Language of God. Dangerous stuff to read in a Western Christianized culture that is obsessed with proving, and sadly, by any means necessary, a 10,000-year-old creation. I have not come to any life changing conclusions on the topic of our creation and the process that God may or may not have employed. Although, by my own words, it is obvious that I believe in some kind of "creation" event I am, however, more and more convinced of the absolute beauty and ingenuity with which God has put this truly astounding universe together from the smallest strand of DNA to the grandest supernova. And, it is quite clear that for as much as we think we know and understand, we actually know very little. While I do not view Genesis as a scientific statement on the creation of the universe, I will not come out of the closest and say that I am Theistic Evolutionist, or an Old Earth Creationist, or any other creation-type label. I did find Collins book engaging, especially to an armchair observer like myself, and his point of view is just as worthy of discussion as the "ultraliteralists" he questions. Of course, no other topic, accept perhaps for homosexuality, will stir the waters of Christian debate so heatedly as this one.