Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Sex and Purity

It's called "love-making" not "a loss of purity."
Read an interesting article by a Christian woman, Rachel Held Evans.  The article is here, and questions whether or not Christians idolize virginity.

Short Answer: Yes, they do.

Long Answer: I understand that for Rachel Held Evans, being a woman, she would naturally write from a woman's perspective.  Well and fine.  And the "purity" that is enforced by implication or pledge on young women is a crass control that demeans and degrades the oceanic and beautiful force that is womanhood.  Such pledges do exactly what one of the writer's described as pinning her name and vagina to the corkboard.  In other words, it gave power of control over natural desires to a capricious ideology that, from its Sumero-Babylonian inception, has been viciously patriarchal and violent toward women.