Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Vatican Tube

Catholics can rejoice: the Vatican has its own YouTube channel.

Now all we need is some pesky Catholic blogger to disagree with some Catholic internet practice, and e-nail his/her objection to Wittenburg Door and we'll have a new wave of e-Protestants.


Let the fun begin!


Craig said...

I think that first we managed to make the word cult sound evil, and now the new movement is for people to do the same thing with the word religion. A hundred years from now, you'll probably be asking me if I think that Catholicism is a religion and the word will hold the same frightening space. Our cult is one of many where people have already started saying, we are not a religion.

Christopher said...


You could quite possibly be right, my friend. Language tends to devolve moreso than not.

As to the notion of what we believe, there are those who suggest Christianity is not a 'religion'. They usually follow up with "it's a relationship". I think that's mixing apples and oranges, however. Christianity is the term we use to describe those people who accept the teaching, and claims of Jesus. In that sense, it is a religion proper, and there's no escaping that fact. On a personal level, however, each individual Christian is in relationship with Christ. Thus Christianity is both being part of a religion, and being in relationship to Christ. It's and/both not either/or.

Craig said...

I agree.