Sunday, January 25, 2009

Christ and the Basketball Girls

These girls beat the other girls 100 to 0 in a game of basketball. That's a sizeable win. However, their coach thinks it's not Christ-like because the margin of victory was too large. He feels it was an honourless victory and wants to forfeit the win.

Criticism and Snark: I'm certainly glad that Christ didn't feel the need to repent for his lopsided victory over the devil when He beat satan ∞ to 0. It was a game, Coach, and your girls trounced the other girls. That happens. Get on with things, and spare the rest of us the disturbing pretences and platitudes.


matt.f said...

You seem to have gotten the details wrong. It was the school officials that made the "Christ-like" statement. And in fact, the coach was fired

Christopher said...

Thank you, Matt. But does that change the point?

matt.f said...

Yes. Covenant School first tried to deal with the situation in a "Christian" manner, apologize and make things right (Dallas is a school for the learning disabled after all... seems a little like shooting fish in a barrel). Coach Grimes then published a letter publicly declaring his disagreement with the school administration. I suspect that is what got him fired.

Christopher said...

Huh. You're right. I missed those details. That's what I get for reading too fast while keeping my eyes on the security cameras at the jail I work in.

Ah, well.

Thanks for pointing that out!