Friday, January 9, 2009

The Forward

I received a 'forward' in my email account today. I don't usually open forwards; I delete them. But this one was sent by a relative I love and respect but, sadly, have infrequent contact with. What follows is most emphatically not the kind of thing she is given to believe, or take seriously. I'm fairly certain she sent it to me because she figured I'd get a kick out of the odd flavour of crazy involved. And I did!

Here you go:

That was the picture. Now here's what was written underneath it:

"The President of Argentina received this picture n called it 'junk mail', 8 days later his son died. A man received this picture & immediately sent out copies..his surprise was winning the lottery. Alberto Martinez received this picture, gave it to his secretary to make copies but they forgot to distribute:She lost her job & he lost his family. This picture is miraculous & sacred. Forward to 10 people.."

Now, let's be controversial: I'm an atheist about this kind of twaddle.

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