Saints and Cynics

Apologia (Former professor of mine; nice guy, smart thinker)
Afterall (Great site for some thoughtful essays)
The Lazy Skeptic (A friend in Finland)
The Piety That Lies Between (Eric Reitan, author and philosopher)

Atheism: Proving the Negative (Philosopher and professor Matthew McCormick)
Greta Christina (Atheism, sex, politics... Greta covers it all, and with unusual excellence)
A.C. Greyling (Professor, author, philosopher)
Atheist Media Blog (One-stop shop for atheism in the media)
Daylight Atheism (An excellent site by lawyer Adam Lee)
Ebon Musings (Adam Lee's first site)
Internet Infidels (Excellent site for essays by many humanist scholars)
Richard Dawkins (The man needs no introduction...)
Robert M. Price (One of today's best scholars on religious history)
Sam Harris (Thoughtful, provocative, eloquent: Sam Harris)