Thursday, January 15, 2009

3 Heads is Better Than One

Just your friendly neighborhood three-headed frog ready to dazzle you with eating skills beyond your dreams. I thought I'd let everyone know in of course my usual controversial fashion, that upon close examination and the utmost study, it has been determined one head is an atheist, the second head a theist and the third head an agnostic! I think the one in the middle is the agnostic, apparently a little confused by his left and right company.


Christopher said...

ROFLMAO! hahahahahaha!

Sweet! Classic.

suneal said...

What's so funny Chris? Did you mis-read my intentions? This is a serious post of the utmost sobriety, so please, learn how to control that little funny bone of yours, I mean...come on. If you keep this up how will it be possible to "free" the agnostic head from its terrible fate?

Christopher said...

" will it be possible to "free" the agnostic head from its terrible fate?"

Through a couple of options (and these are just off the top of my head):

1. A specialized Japanese surgeon -- 'cause they are the best!
2. Heracles, the Greek hero that slew the mighty hydra.


Sarah said...

It's possible that this frog really only has one head, but that it looks like three when it's involved in the conscience>God's voice>human-fallibility-and-doubting internal discussion so common amongst frogs of faith (although nobody wants to talk about that, so never

Sarah said...

I wanted to add that while three heads may be better than one, one 'croak' is all we get, so it may be wise to examine which head takes charge.


Christopher said...

I love how all these comments are so tongue-in-cheek.

sarah said...

You're right. We'd catch more flies with honey.

Where's the three-headed honey at?


Christopher said...

Tigger and Winnie helped it hop away, I guess.