Sunday, October 5, 2008

Breaking Wind, er, News

Wind turbines are growing in popularity as an alternative source of eco-friendly energy. The problem is that people who prop-up wind turbines beside their houses are finding out that, yes, they're eco-friendly, but not people-friendly.

In fact, wind turbines have earned themselves the dubious honour of being a new health problem. It's called Wind Turbine Syndrome, and it's generating a host of medical problems for pockets of the world's populations.

Would it be rude of me to say that this news blew me away?


sarah said...

Hm. Interesting. I'd be one of those people who'd feel it. I can feel electricity in buildings, passing by the Niagara generating plant, and in water.

I guess we just missed the experiment in Pickle Lake then hey? And here we thought it strange that they wanted to test the turbines there sine it is already well known that it's a windy spot; it turns out they were probably fixin' t' test the small population of the town for WTS!

psa said...

seems they aren't very good for bats either. still, i feel a little safer around a wind machine than a reactor.

Christopher said...

Hey there, Uncle!

Yes, those poor little bats. I love bats. I'm sure those nasty blades make quick work of the guano-ites. :(

Like you, however, I'd rather a respectable distance from a wind turbine than contract a nasty case of incredible hulk syndrome.


Anonymous said...

psa, sadly, I think you're around both, no?

And hi!