Friday, October 3, 2008

Listen and Learn

Do you like your brain? So does Dr. Andrew Moulden. So hear him out, and understand what's at risk.

And then, if you're interested, go learn how the largest manufacturer of vaccines in the world has been including cancer in vaccines.


suneal said...

I am listening and I am learning and wow! This is astounding stuff as is alternative views of 911, and the current financial sub-prime mortgage crash. Let's get informed!

Christopher said...


I agree that it is quite astounding. I don't agree that it is an alternative view, however. That kind of diminishes the importance of what's being said, to say that it is 'alternative'. The fact of the matter is that our default should not be, what are the effects of vaccine on my body? But instead, why should I add anything to my body when my body is designed to deal with these things anyway? The 'alternative' is the vaccination, not a healthy God-given body.

suneal said...


So you're saying this view is mainstream, that many or a large segment of the North American population supports this view? That is the only sense of my use of the word alternative. Alternative does not imply anything more here than a different choice of perspective and information.

As to the body designed to deal with "these things," aren't you forgetting the black plague, polio, el at? Our bodies left to themselves, are not always up to the task of healing themselves. I want to learn Chris, and in my excitement of the information you presented, thought I was expressing agreement with you. Fine, vaccines can be considered alternative in how you are thinking, thanks for pointing that out. But, is treating a broken arm with a splint an "alternative," to letting it heal on its own by its God-given means? Not everyone would think of "splinting it," so you can't say our intelligence is the God-given means to allow us to splint it, in which case further injury could occur. In medicine through the centuries outside helping of the body's own healing ability has been at the heart of many medicines. As evil as vaccines are (?-I am still learning so don't want to say this definitively), the premise is no different, that a natural God-given healing mechanism in the body, is evoked via vaccines. The means employed within the vaccine itself, and its negative effects, that is where the problem is. Homeopathic medicine works on the same premise of putting within the body small doses of substance(s) invoking symptoms to the ailment(or allergen) wanting to be treated.

I agree to this; the mass population has really let down those who have known better about this, but have not been taken seriously, and labeled negative connotations of the word "alternative." The word itself is no more derogatory than saying we all have an alternative to whom we vote for in the upcoming election. How that word has perhaps been utilized against those protesting vaccinations, that is where things can get problematic. O.k. to be really geeky, the Funk and Wagnals Dictionary can define "alternative" as : "the choice between two things: often loosely applied to more than two."

So getting back to my main point, WOW! This is astounding, we all need to inform ourselves of alternative views than the one we have been fed since yaye high. Thank you for the links Chris. I am definitely going to research this at much greater lengths. And I admit and commend you and Sarah for being way ahead of me in that department.

sarah said...

Just a quick comment.

Suneal, the analogy of the splint would be some other 'support' to the body such as herbal/natural hormonal/mineral/whole food vitamin/etc supplementation, not vaccination. Vaccination does not support the natural immunologic response as it bypasses all of the body's natural defense and treatment systems, among other issues such as introducing foreign genetic material, poisons, etc..., such as *disable* the immune system rather than support it.

Using a splint is exactly the method we would choose. Eating whole traditional foods, 'splinting' with organic chicken bone broth, supplements as necessary, and attempting to live peacefully are all 'splints' imo.


suneal said...

Where then is homeopathic medicine, for that was not mentioned? Also, is it true that a response of the white blood cells in one's immune system to an injected vaccine is a "by-passing of all the body's natural defence sytems?" I do agree however, that it is a synthesized process, with regards a pharmaceutical product, that introduces potentially live samples of often deadly viruses, and causes the natural immune system to "over-react," especially with extra additives as in the vaccine, that speed up the process of the white blood cell body defence. The negative side-effects of this hyper-immunity therefore leads to "disabling" of the immune system, along with other potentially harmful side-effects such as new strains of the original virus being carried in the host leading to further diseases or offshoots of the original disease, which then ironically needs to be treated with low and behold, a new vaccine!

Anonymous said...

Suneal, blogspot ate my comment last night, so I'm trying again, but in short-form :)

No, vaccines, even by causing a white blood-cell response, do not utilise the natural immunologic response of the human body. We have several systems that are intended to block pathogens that are effective long before any pathogen would have actual contact with muscle tissue or sub-dermal tissue (such as with vaccines, minus flu-mist, but that's another story). When you contract a flu, or the mumps, your first contact with those pathogens is going to have been through your respiratory system, or your digestive system (possibly secondarily from having picked it up on your skin). IF the pathogens are able to pass though the various guards in each of those systems, then you're body will begin another set of responses to evict the pathogens, usually through fluids- mucus, water (sweat and eye saline), stomach fluids, etc... and heat. You will cough, vomit, have a fever, sweat, and eliminate watery stool, sneeze, swell up, etc... These are normal immunologic responses and should be supported, not suppressed or hindered and certainly NOT bypassed!!! By injecting a pathogen into the body tissues, nearly this whole set of guards and purging mechanisms is rendered inutile.

With antigen-suppressing vaccines, the effect is even more contra-biological; with these, even the immunologic responses that would have been able to function in spite of the systems-bypass, are not even able to recognise the threat. What a mess! Now your body is full of pathogens that your immune system simply doesn't even care about, because it can't. It's blind!

Let's hear it for latent disease and how this will affect the 90-some-odd percent of human beings world-wide who wish they'd birthed enough children to wipe the drool off their chins by the time they are ready to retire.


suneal said...

O.k. now I get where you are coming from, Yukonish is different from Ontarioish, much more pure and natural:)

But I am sure you had 4 kids for more reasons than elderly bonding moments via drool-wiping sessions. Wait a second, "YOUR" not that some 90%. Emphasis on "YOU."

In the spirit of "We Will Rock You"

Pant,..,pant...drool...pant...pant...drool.."we will, we will, wipe you(them)..wipe you(them)."

sarah said...


Well, Suneal, sadly, I was fully vaccinated as a child, so... unless I can figure out a way to cleanse my body of this stuff, I'll be the drooling retiree I wrote about; HOWEVER, you are right to point out that, God-willing, I will have a few people around to wipe it off my chin for me.

Apparently, I was a closet yukoner mascarading as an ontarionite for so many years. The funny thing is that I didn't now until I met Yukon and fell in love; now I just cannot deny it. I am who I am; I was born this way, lol.