Tuesday, October 14, 2008

A Skeleton In Their Closet?

Yes, it seems the Catholic Church has to answer to a few questions.  More specifically, was their beloved John Henry Newman gay?  And even if he wasn't, why are they choosing to beatify him and move his grave despite his wishes to be buried by the man he loved, Fr. Ambrose St. John?

More meddling.  More peddling.  I think Luther would've been somewhat irked.

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suneal said...

So Evangelicals have Armor of God Pajamas to "revere," and Catholics have a bone of "Henry Newman." And let me get this straight, it is o.k. to "latria" (worship) the elements of the "Mass" because it REALLY is the Body of Christ? "Thou shall make no image of Me." The first commandment. Personally, I think this is where all this relic reverencing began. I have enough idols, thank you very much, in my life, I don't need any more!

If the sacrament really is Christ to the point of worshipping it as Him, then we also really are cannibals, and the critiques of the patristic age were correct in their assumptions of the Lord's Supper as a form of cannibalism. But of course Protestants are not cannibals, for our sacrament has not been duly blessed by the only "valid priesthood" in the succession of the Apostle Peter, so we're o.k.!