Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Interview With Terry Eagleton

The Rationalist Association recently published an excellent article detailing Terry Eagleton's philosophical differences with Ditchkins (a portmanteau of the celebrity atheists Dawkins and Hitchens).

For those who are interested in reading about religion's cultured (you know: fermented!) despisers it is a fairly heady, but excellent and worthwhile read.


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Anonymous said...

"God, Eagleton tells us, may not have created the world like a mega-manufacturer but he is the reason why there is something rather than nothing. He is what sustains all things in being by his love. He made the world not for any instrumental reason but simply "for the love and delight of it"."
Now, I enjoyed that statement.
I appreciate aggressive thinkers like Terry Eagleton. As the article said: "He has a reputation for entering other people's rooms and kicking over their cards."
We should all be good kickers, because..." There's a difference between reasonable certainty and dogmatism."