Tuesday, July 7, 2009

God Talk

"Why is it when we talk to God we're said to be praying; but when God talks to us we're schizophrenic?" Lily Tomlin

Yes. Indeed. Why is that?


Anonymous said...

This is something I have not heard, but I suppose it is thought if not said.
I have found that people have a hard time disputing experience -- if it is your own experience you are sharing.
But, even if people thought I was "schizophrenic" for the relationship I have with the Lord, it is worth it anyway. There is no relationship in my life that has brought me this much joy.
And I love my family, so that last sentence should speak volumes.

Tag-photos said...

Yes but we are talking about hearing God's voice.
Not simply interpretting everyday occurrences as messages from the lord.

Anonymous said...

God speaks in myriad ways. I've never heard him audibly, but there are people in biblical times who did.
I definitely would not discount that in these times.
After all, He is God.

Tag-photos said...

I have met people claiming to hear God's voice audibly. Right down to describing the voice to me.

Of course that was during private time and no others around.

And like you said, why not, after all he is god.

So who am I say to it is not possible :)

sarah said...

I think it's possible for a schizophrenic to hear the voice of God. If I became schizophrenic, His voice would be no more and no less real to me.


False dichotomy. ;)

Christopher said...


Good point. Hadn't thought of that one. :)