Thursday, February 5, 2009

Atheism Gets Screwtaped

There have been some rather creative responses to the New Atheists (as some are wont to call them): Hitchens, Dawkins, Dennett, and Harris.  These 'heroes' of the world of rationalism, materialism, and naturalism have contributed a great deal to the ongoing cultural considerations of the existence of God.  Nevermind their common categorical error -- judging the non-empirical by means of the empirical -- they have done the world a good turn by reinvigorating a necessary philosophical question in a creative, though rather acerbic manner.

But I digress.

As stated earlier, there have been some rather creative responses to the Four Horsemen of Atheism.  Here is just one of them.  It's written after the fashion of C.S. Lewis' Screwtape Letters, and Screwtape Proposes a Toast.  It's quite amusing, but be patient because it's not short.

Thank you to Dr. Veith for bringing this to my attention.


Anonymous said...

Wow! That is a truly great article. Thank you for bringing it to my attention.

Jo-Anne said...

Well, I made it to the end and it didn't seem long at all.
Clever: without trashing another belief, it raises doubts and questions that must be answered.
Thanks for sharing this.

Christopher said...


Wow! It's really nice to see you made it here. I think it's quite a privilege to have people from our church checking out my blog.

The article is quite clever, isn't it? I really enjoyed it. And I'm glad you did, too.

Take care, and I hope you'll come by often.


Anonymous said...

Glad to be here, too. It will take a little navigating to figure this out.
And, I have to fit it in on a rare occasion as I am now working on computer and have little desire to spend even more time here.
I do miss discussions, though.
What article would you recommend I read next?

Anonymous said...

I should qualify that last comment, Chris.
What I mean to say is that I have little desire to spend more time on the computer, not this particular site.
Blessings again,