Sunday, February 22, 2009

The Academy Awards

I came home late tonight and subjected myself to 20 minutes of Academy Awards’ nominations and speeches. Yep, nothing like hearing a weak self-depreciating speech from the lips of an Academy winner performer, receiving the most self-absorbed trophy of a naval gazing American culture, as you sit in awe of the staged “sincerity” these performers deliver for the "good of humanity." By the way, this is the opposite of “the glory of God.” I mean I can appreciate a great performance like the next guy, but I was wondering when the incense, mantras, and obeisance would begin. This is what you call the liberated technological society, free from the shackles of religious antiquity, looking down from its perch with its political posturing and "moral" agendas, at those crude primitive Caesars and gladiators of old. "How far we have come? How great our evolution?"

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