Saturday, January 1, 2011

2011: A Year of New Directions

It's 2011: How will you change your life this year?
Welcome to 2011!

Saint Cynic will be broadening its scope in 2011.  As many of you already know, Saint Cynic tackles religio-philosophical issues oftentimes by reducing them to the absurdities they are, and then lampooning those issues with some critical, or snarky remarks.  That won't stop.  It's good fun, and I enjoy it.

However, I will be concentrating on writing some more serious essays and presenting them as a series.  My topics will include the philosophical and religious issues I've always examined, but I will also be jumping face-forward into natural, fully concious living; something some people call "wholistic living", or even the "primal lifestyle."  The point of these articles will be to contrast the way modern Western society lives now with the way our ancestors lived eons ago, and to highlight the evolutionary biology that supports a return to some of the dietary and fitness dispositions of the non-agricultural ancients.  It's a topic I'm quite excited about and eager to share with you. (New links to do with this subject will also be appearing in the sidebars, too.)

More, I'm planning on taking Saint Cynic to the streets.  That is, I'm going to be looking into making this site an actual physical entity by scouting out possible regular meeting places for fellow culture-observers, and even sussing-out means to publish a magazine that will include articles from guest-writers.  My goal is to see if I can make my venture here profitable in the offline world.  To that end, I will also be searching for domain providers so I can make Saint Cynic an exclusive name, independent of the usual blogging format.
Lift heavy things

As a personal goal, I will be continuing with semi-regular P90X routines, but combining them with two other elements: The Primal Blueprint, and FitDeck.  These dietary and fitness switches will drive me further into better health, maximize my body's potential, and improve my overall enjoyment of living.  Join me if you'd like to take on a healthy, wholesome challenge.

And on a more personal note, I will be pushing myself to leave my present employment and begin the journey of unjobbing.  This is a scary decision for me since it means divesting myself of the usual, predictable method of giving some faceless entity my time so it can give me money, and I can fuel a minimum number of my interests and passions.  I want to work to live not live to work, as the saying goes.  But I have to go about it wisely: I have wee'uns depending on me, and I'm not willing to let them be diminished in any way by my quest for self-realised income and autonomy.

Thankfully, I have a partner who is topped full of incredible talent in visual arts, communication, music, and intellectual capacity.  I think that together, we can take our lives by storm and start living in such a way that we are both happy, productive, and satistfied.

Those are some of my ambitions this year.  What are yours?  Please comment.  I would love to interact with you more!

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Skeptigirl said...

I am glad you are interested in issues of health. It is something I like to think I know a few things about. There is a lot of pseudo science in the field so bring your brain with you.