Sunday, February 14, 2010

Valentine's Day. Stupid.

Another one of those dumb-ass cosmopolitan celebrations that amount to almost nothing. If I wanted a superficial parade of sentimentality, I'd go watch 14 year olds oggling their first boyfriend/girlfriend.

Why make an official day out of trite sentiments and overwrought platitudes? Stupidity.

And for those single folk out there, I extend you my sympathy, though it comes with a caveat: you're not incomplete because you don't have a partner to share the social Mary-Kay application of Valentine's day. You're whole on your own, and you don't need to take on the false shame and guilt the popular media and marketters are broadcasting to you.

Just have a happy day, every day. Valentine's day can stick it up it's proverbial ass.


Skeptigirl said...

I don't really understand Valentines Day. In Finland it is called Friendship Day. I also do not get the concept of "romantic". Why are roses and candle lit dinners romantic? Roses are overpriced and thorny and I can't see my food by candle light. As for diamonds, they are bland. Maybe I would see what the big deal was if I understood the concept.

Anonymous said...

Thought I would drop by after a late night of work and pressured obligations ... for a few minutes. I can't honestly wrap my mind around much of what is discussed as I don't consider myself as much a theologian/scholar as I do a follower -- plain and simple.
But Valentine's Day -- that's something I can understand. Mind you, I always felt a bit like Charlie Brown, as a child, with my near-empty Valentine box.
But, some good came of that: I taught my own children that everyone got a Valentine; everyone was worthy of love; everyone had worth just because they existed.
And this Valentine's Day, my husband did something incredibly sweet and encouraging: he took his daughter and her mother out for dinner, had flowers delivered before he arrived, and came with a simple sheet of paper with his own heartfelt expressions of what each of us meant to him.
Valentine's Day has always been something we have celebrated with sincere expressions.
Go ahead, call me sentimental (I love it!)
(I think Jesus is sentimental, too!)