Saturday, June 20, 2009

You Want One. You Know You Do.

Well, here's a product you don't see every day. Thank God.

Thanks go to TAG-photos for this oddity.


Tag-photos said...

Liked that one did you.

After reading more about "now i lay me down to sleep" (I still want to volunteer there) I needed a laugh. So I went to and was browsing their videos. This little wonder was in their videos with a link to the real site.

Christopher said...

I find it truly disturbing that they're suggesting with this product that the cure to reach problems associated with extreme obesity is not to lose weight, but to have an extension to wipe your ass. Good to see we're in the market for improving health, hey? Don't lose weight; continue in your obesity. Oh, and while you're experiencing rectal leakage, why not use one of our toilet-paper pole-arms?

Will the wonders of human laziness ever stop?