Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Huxley, How Prophetic You Were

It seems the MPAA (Marauding Police Association of America) has gone and got demselves some glorah! Don't you just love it when entertainment industries morph into international policing outfits? I wonder who's popping the bubbly for this harrowing victory...

ADDENDUM as of the 20th: Don't these freaks have something better to do? I mean, why don't they contribute some of the money they're spending on these kinds of operations to aiding local law-enforcement in cracking down on child porn rings? How 'bout using some of their conglomerate clout to feed, oh I dunno, an impoverished nation? When your profit margins exceed the GNP of a small country, isn't there a little moral incentive behind these witch-hunters to do something more productive than catch people with camcorders? For example, why don't they go after people making snuff? Or put a dent in human trafficking by contributing to multi-national task forces trained to do that very thing?

Just some thoughts.

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