Friday, March 4, 2011


Happy birthday to me!

37 and still rockin'!


K9-CRAZY said...

Right! March forth! Have a happy one :)

Kane Augustus said...

Thanks, Tracy!

Skeptigirl said...

Happy birthday, don't go senile this year!

My husband is 34 and already having troublr using computers that don't use commandlines.

Craig said...

Happy Birthday!

K9-CRAZY said...

"Don't go senile this year"... always excellent advice.

Kane Augustus said...

Skeptigirl: what's a command line?

Craig: Thanks, man!

Tracy: Isn't it? I always favour the advice that reduces harm and misgivings to me.

Anonymous said...

Hey, man! I actually remembered yesterday, but didn't get a chance to look you up yesterday. But TODAY - today I can say Happy Birthday. Hope your day was fantabulous and this year brings all the greatest things there are to be had in the Great White.


Kane Augustus said...


How very excellent to read from you. Thank you very much for your well-wishes!

I hope this year goes swimmingly, also.

Please come back and comment as much as you want.


Anonymous said...

Sorry we missed your birthday, Kane, but I hope it was memorable in the funnest sense!
Happy birthday!