Sunday, May 24, 2009

I Give Up

I can't read Richard Dawkins's book, The God Delusion. It's just too damned fatuous, and presumptuous. David Berlinski was right: Dawkins is a "crappy philosopher".

This being my third attempt, I thought it would be the charmer (ah, the stupidstition!). Instead, I find myself literally hitting my head against my desk, and tempted for the first time in my life to rip a book apart and put it in the garbagio (my personal term for a fashionable visit to the dump).

I will now move on to Michel Onfray's Atheist Manifesto which has been re-titled for paperback as In Defense of Atheism.


Gregory said...

Have fun with that. :)

LOL @ Stupidstition. I'll have to remember that one.

Your attempts at Dawkins remind me of my own attempts to read the Da Vinci Code. I forced myself to get through it only because it was for my youth group kids.

Anyway, I called you yesterday, but you weren't home. I'll probably call again today.

God bless

Christopher said...


I couldn't get through The Da Vinci Code either. Not even the movie. The whole thing was a mishmash of nonsense, gibberish, and one-dimensional idiocy.

In any case, thank you for calling me yesterday. I received your message. I intend to call you back, but, unfortunately, am booked pretty solid at work this weekend. The money's good, but the hours are a drag.

I will call you as soon as I get the chance. We need to have our debate.

God bless you, too.

Gregory said...

Indeed we do need to have our debate. We also need to establish its format, etc. and clearly define the rules for Brandy our moderator :)

Sucks about your hours. We'll chat soon! God bless!

sarah said...

Have you tried the method I use occasionally that has since been dubbed 'photo-reading'?

You could finish the book in an hour or less and have extracted what little value there may be in it to your purpose for considering reading it in the first place.

If what Dawkins has published is useful to your research somehow, then this may be an appropriate method for you.

Then you'd be finished and since he's not writing engrossing beautiful literature, you won't miss anything by 'photo-reading.'